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Welcome to Sleeping Stars, the perfect destination for high-quality baby sleep clothes. We are a family-owned business, providing high quality baby clothes for families.

My name is Ilona, and I am a founder of Sleeping Stars and a certified baby sleep consultant. 

As a mother of two I know how important good sleep is for babies and parents, while keeping your baby safe. This is why I have created this collection of Baby Sleep Clothes. Handcrafted from Organic Cotton (GOTS certified) they provide maximum breathability, while being very gentle on your baby's skin.


OEKO TEX 100 certification means that all materials are free from any harmful substances, so that you can sleep knowing that your baby has the best products keeping them safe.

We are preparing to start shipping our products by the end of April, but as you know babies grow fast and we do not want to disappoint any parents by delaying our shipping. This is why out pre-orders will be available as soon as we get a confirmed delivery date of our collection.

In the meantime please leave your e-mail, and as a thank you for your patience we will send you your Launch Discount code when we start taking pre orders (you will also be able to share it with your family and friends). 

You can browse your collection below

Ilona x

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